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i seriously need to stop making accounts
but I think I’ll make human!bowser jr. because that would be… cool…
also i friggin love that kid!!! he’s really interesting as a character so ye

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Hey guys! I’m going to be playing Mario Kart Wii for a bit, so I’m going to be away for 2 or so hours. PLEASE like this post if I have to reply to your post!


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Correction: Turtle Queen.

I’m a human with a koopa’s shell! Whatya’ think I was, some freako?

my apologies i did not realize you wwere royalty

i meant no disrespect i had just not seen any humans wwith turtle shells before

>You bow down before her.

it is a pleasure to meet you

eridan ampora at your servvice

/ You’re slightly impressed with how this guy reacted, so you gave a small nod. /

Eridan Ampora? It sounds pretty foreign to me, but I guess it can cut it!

So, where the hell am I? It definitely doesn’t look like I’m in any part of the mushroom world…


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Correction: Turtle Queen.

I’m a human with a koopa’s shell! Whatya’ think I was, some freako?

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She drums her bony fingers on her cheek, a arm laying on her legs. Falling for it, she shrugs. “There was even a pipe in the grand bathroom! Eeeugh…” She shudders. Bowsette help them all… Well, more like lead them into embarassmenf, but whatever! “Hopefully the kids didn’t bother you. They’re popping up at the weirdest of places! … And I love ‘em for that. They’re growing up! They’re going to nab themselves a prince someday…”

“The sires and madam? Oh, of course not.” Kammy didn’t mind the children. Like His Surliness, she was there to serve and nurture them as well. “And yes, Your Nastiness; they will, especially with such looks from their sire.”

“Weeell, more like madams and sire. Didn’t cha’ know before I have 7 daughters?” Kam must be losing her memory over these things… It was normal for a magikoopa for her age, Bowsette thought…

“Seven daughters…?” Kammy rubbed her chin in thought. If she said so, then it must be true. “I apologize, Your Surliness. Please forgive me.”

"Eh, I’ll think of a punishment later."

"Anyways, do you have any news or somethin’? You’re just going to be wasting my time if you’re standin’ here and blabbing!"

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This is getting weird… this koopa looks somewhat like Lera.. It was odd, considering how she had the same type of hair. Sitting on her royal throne, Bowser sighs. “What are you doing here in my throne room, koopa? What’s up with the hair also? Looks like one of my daughters’….”

Ludwig was flabbergasted. Since when had he found himself in another’s… Wait, what WAS this castle, anyway? It looked hauntingly familiar to Castle Koopa. The head of the throne looked just like… No, way. No. No. No. Odd.

“I…” He suddenly had so many questions, starting with where he was and whom was she. Realizing that she had been the first to ask, he gave into respect. 

“The name’s Ludwig: Ludwig von Koopa. I am here in your throne room because…” Well, damn it all. He hadn’t an answer for that.

“Because I am, I suppose.”

Good job there.

‘Because he can’? It’s atleast some sort of answer… She shrugs, a hand cupping her cheek in slight boredom. “Ludwig?” She rolls her eyes. “Oh, like what one of my daughters listen to. My other children usually prank on her for that by trying to destroy her Piano, or somethin’.”

“It’s kind of silly, buuut I’m wonderin’ if it’s going to go too far.”

“…Ludwig van Beethoven, the composer?” Ooh, one of his first loves. Blush dusted the top of his nose, a wide grin sprawled across toothy features. He could go on all day about the human’s greatest feats, from the notes of the melodies themselves, to how his music had made an impact even after death.

What came next didn’t surprise him: “I know how she feels. My brothers and sister do the exact same thing to me,” he added, lamenting with a sigh. “If I were King Dad, I’d stop it. Unfortunately, I’m left to fend for myself…”

She wouldn’t be too interesed about the composer, even for a bit. She’d be sleeping at the first ten words involving this guy! Alas, atleast that wasn’t been said. The lass shrugs, drumming her cheeks with her fingers.

"If it goes too far though, then I’m sure to try and interrupt. Most of the time, I leave them alone. Besides, they’re growing up to be kids, not some dependent losers! They’ll have a slice of the kingdom all to themselves once I marry Blossom. He doesn’t seem to be interested, sooo that makes me a bit sad…~"